Delegates can view demonstrations of probe repair and tests

For over 20 years Advanced Ultrasound Electronics (AUE) has been defining the standard for ultrasound probe sales and repair, ultrasound parts sales and repair, ultrasound service and training. Our innovation and technical expertise has supported growth of the independent ultrasound service sector globally.

“We specialise only in ultrasound and have an advanced probe testing and repair laboratory at our HQ in Loughborough,” says the company. “NHS-approved, we are also an accredited supplier to major OEMs and support the leading Independent Service Organisations (ISO).

“AUE continues to lead the way in ultrasound service and repair innovation. We are bringing the great service and support we give to our ISO clients direct to end user clinical providers. We are excited to be back at UKIO to launch our new, comprehensive service product, Proactive Care. An industry first, under licence from Multi-Medix, AUE can now offer embedded independent QA as part of our exciting Proactive Care service solution. Come and ask us about how Proactive Care will reduce your costs, increase your uptime and improve your patient safety,” the company continues.

“We are looking forward to seeing you at UKIO, where we will be giving a practical demonstration of our testing and repair capabilities.”

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