Dr Booth chosen to chair Radiological Research Trust

Dr Thomas Booth has become chair-elect of the Radiological Research Trust (RRT). He has been a trustee of the trust for several years and is a senior lecturer in neuroimaging in the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences at King’s College London and an honorary consultant diagnostic and interventional neuroradiologist at King’s College Hospital, London. His main research interest is neuroimaging and neurointervention.

Dr Booth first started to enjoy metabolic imaging and machine learning during his PhD at the University of Cambridge. Here, his focus was on brain tumour treatment response assessment using brain tumour MR structural images, something he continues to research as he is reminded continuously of the importance of neuro-oncology diagnostics when presenting patients at the neuro-oncology MDT meetings in a busy London teaching hospital. He is the chief investigator on several UK-wide machine learning studies and sits on the National Cancer Research Institute brain tumour committee and The Royal College of Radiologists academic committee. He has received The Royal College of Radiologists Outstanding Researcher Award. He said: “I have personally seen how even a small amount of catalytic funding has enabled outstanding researchers to embark upon successful projects that contribute meaningfully to advancing medicine, with positive effects that benefit everyday lives through health outcomes.

The RRT says its importance rests on its unique role in allowing research to thrive among the imaging community through the donations it receives, which fund the grants it awards.

The trust is entirely run by volunteers – experts with a passion for imaging research with backgrounds in radiology, radiography, medical physics, engineering and industry.

Published on page 28 of the November 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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