Future strategies for cancer care are highlighted at charity expo

Cancern North, a networking umbrella group for cancer charities in the northeast and north Cumbria, hosted its expo on October 4 in Newcastle upon Tyne. The event fostered collaboration among charities dedicated to supporting individuals affected by cancer. It offered a platform to shape the future of cancer care by  enhancing partnerships between charitable organisations, the voluntary sector and the NHS.

The expo also served to highlight the value that charities bring to healthcare services, particularly after individuals have undergone cancer treatment. The network started in early 2020 with six charities and it has grown to more than 140 throughout the region.

Chair of Cancern and ceo of Coping With Cancer Maggie Bailey said: “By 2030 one in two people will have experienced some form of cancer and we need to be  prepared for that. I am excited to see what our workshops recommend for future co-working and strategies as the amount of expertise in the room is unprecedented.”

Picture: Cancern North network coordinator Wendy Hodgson Cancern chair Maggie Bailey. Credit: Highlights PR.

Published on page 20 of the November 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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