Guide aims to help imaging departments achieve green goals

Canon Medical Systems UK has released a five-point guide to help radiology departments make progressive steps towards the NHS net zero carbon emissions targets.

A Green Guide for UK Diagnostic Imaging sets out steps that can be taken by radiographers, clinicians and health managers in procurement or sustainability roles to start working towards improving sustainability in radiology.

The publication includes five key areas of discussion to champion new thinking in the imaging community when looking ahead to the NHS 2040 net zero carbon targets. These include how to embrace imaging equipment innovations to reduce departmental energy emissions while improving patient care; why selecting carbon-conscious supply chain partners is key; the green benefits of taking imaging closer to the community; encouraging and rewarding green behaviours to help cultural change; and the case for standardising medical imaging equipment selection to speed access to modern technology.

Canon Medical Systems managing director Mark Hitchman stated: “The impact of climate change and destruction of the natural environment is having a dramatic impact around the world. This has a knock-on effect on the long term health conditions of populations. For example, a rise in air pollution is linked to heart disease, stroke and lung cancer; more heatwaves put additional pressure on the elderly and vulnerable people with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions; and poor air quality with aeroallergens drive up the numbers of fit and well people being diagnosed with asthma or other respiratory related illnesses.”

Picture: The guide can be downloaded from Canon’s UK website.

Published on page 2 of the October 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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