Hand-carried ultrasound does the rounds

Sandra Booth and Joanne Norton with a SonoSite M-Turbo.


BMI Healthcare’s Albyn Hospital in Aberdeen is making the most of a SonoSite M-Turbo hand-carried ultrasound system, recently introduced for a continually growing array of gynaecological and vascular applications.


Imaging department manager Sandra Booth explained: “The portability of the M-Turbo system is important as it is used routinely by gynaecologists and vascular surgeons in outpatient clinics and in theatre. Within the department, interventional radiologists are using the system to guide angioplasty procedures for patients with peripheral arterial disease, helping to precisely locate the femoral artery immediately prior to the femoral puncture.


“A number of consultants currently use SonoSite systems in their NHS practice and are pleased with our choice of system. SonoSite has been very supportive, providing focused training for various applications.”


See this report on page 7 of the April 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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