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Canon Medical Systems – the ‘Voice of Neurology’ – invite you to join a brand new, virtual neurology event. The Online Neurology Days, which started on August 24, 2021, provides insights from some of the world’s leading neurology experts as they share their experiences and discoveries from research and clinical practice.

Over the course of five days, the multi-modality event will provide a platform for professional education for neurologists, radiologists, interventionalists and anyone else with an interest in neurology, through a forward-facing, multi-topic approach.

The Online Neurology Days will feature daily interactive webinars led by key experts in each specific field that will discuss state-of-the-art imaging and clinical management using clinical examples.

Learn more about advanced imaging techniques in stroke, multiple sclerosis and peripheral nerve disease, and how Canon Medical’s cutting-edge technologies work in clinical practice and research.

Event speakers

“Neurology has never been more important, or more exciting. As our populations age, the global burden of neurological diseases is growing, but research and innovation in this field are progressing rapidly to provide new solutions. Are you ready for the future of Neurology?” says Canon Medical Systems Europe. “Our experts and collaborations are at the heart of our innovation and progress, and we are delighted to present their insights through the Online Neurology Days.”

Find out more about the Online Neurology Days program on the Canon Medical Systems Europe website where you can also register for the event.

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