How the latest AI innovations from GE Healthcare have impacted the workflow and patient experience of diagnostic MRI from Diagnostic Healthcare Limited

In July 2022, GE HealthCare completed the upgrade of the Diagnostic Healthcare Limited (DHC) Mobile Voyager with the AIR Coils and AIR Recon DL that was facilitating additional patient capacity at Cambridge University Hospital NHS Trust.

Diagnostic Healthcare chief operating officer David O’Brien said: “We have spent the last two plus years supporting NHS trusts through the pandemic and post-pandemic recovery and adding additional MRI scanners to our fleet as well as upgrading the current fleet. This allows us to provide excellent services for both the NHS and our private patients. Recently a number of our customers have gained investment from NHS England to increase capacity post pandemic.  By upgrading the mobiles to the same platform as our customers we can align the mobile solutions including protocols and the service we offer to the current needs of the customer. By ensuring the mobile can deliver the same throughput with high IQ as the GE scanner on the site, the customer can be confident that the patients will gain the same high quality imaging whether it be on the static or the mobile and that output is reproducible for reporting comparisons. DHC is delighted to be working with GE to deliver progressive and state of the art systems to advance patient care.”

Jenna Cheater, MRI lead radiographer at DHC Limited said: “I have noticed with Air Recon DL we have seen much quicker scans with improved resolution. This has made for a more positive experience for the patient, as the scan time is shorter and we have been able to increase throughput, reducing the waiting times.”

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