Launching the first Diagnostic Ultrasound Quality Assurance Manual

Multi-Medix Limited has produced the first, universal Diagnostic Ultrasound Quality Assurance Manual: a practical guide to understanding, implementing, and undertaking ultrasound QA, in accordance with BMUS, AIUM, EFSUMB and IPEM guidance, with the goal to improve patient safety worldwide.  Darren Woolley and Dr Nick Dudley have worked together to produce an accessible manual, enabling users to access all the required procedures, forms and ‘how to’ videos in a single place.

Dr Nick Dudley is an ultrasound physicist, with 40 years-experience, with over 50 peer-reviewed publications, and who has contributed to ultrasound QA guidelines in the UK and Europe.

Darren Woolley has over 25 years’ experience maintaining and managing medical equipment.  He implemented the UK’s first ISO 13485 certified ultrasound probe lab and is a now a leading authority on electronic probe testing, including identification of counterfeit and unsafe probes.

Nick explained: “Darren and I have collaborated on research over the last six years and we are both passionate about helping all ultrasound users confidently implement QA programme, which will ensure compliance and safeguard the patient.  The manual, and its accompanying videos, provide ultrasound users worldwide with QA processes that are easy to implement.”

The manual is accompanied by ‘how to’ videos, procedures, and forms, located together online in a single place.  Multi-Medix has made it as easy as possible for ultrasound users to implement QA and make it an ongoing, integral part of their clinical operation.

Multi-Medix manual

The manual is the first stage of ongoing work by Multi-Medix to raise awareness of ultrasound QA, and further educational resources will be delivered in the future.

The Diagnostic Ultrasound Quality Assurance Manual is available from November 2020, click here to request a copy.

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