Point-of-care ultrasound delivers financial return

Consultant anaesthetists Dr Christian Egeler and Dr Simon Ford.

Morriston Hospital’s SonoSite’s point-of-care ultrasound systems play an important role in regional anaesthesia and chronic pain management.  The centre of excellence in Swansea uses a range of SonoSite systems including iLook, MicroMaxx, M-Turbo, S-Nerve and recently launched X-Porte.

Consultant anaesthetist Dr Christian Egeler said: “Ultrasound technology is perfect for performing nerve blocks and has revolutionised regional anaesthesia and chronic pain management.  Like many anaesthesia departments in the UK, we now use ultrasound-guided regional blocks for our routine hand surgical lists and the financial savings are massive.  We have recovered the cost of the ultrasound instrument several times over.”

See the full report on page 7 of the April 2015 issue of RAD Magazine.

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