Poole Hospital adds sensitive ultrasound platform for rheumatology department

Poole Hospital’s rheumatology department has purchased an Esaote MyLab 9 eXP. The ultrasound system is well suited to rheumatology due to its sensitive Power Doppler function and a wide range of transducers up to 25MHz.

Consultant rheumatologist Dr Muhammad Khurshid has used several Esaote ultrasound systems in the past few years in his rheumatology practice. He said: “Esaote is one of the most popular companies in rheumatological practice in my region. In my opinion mainframe Esaote systems provide good spatial resolution and have very sensitive power Doppler, which is vital for rheumatology practice.

“Esaote is good at acquiring newer techno-logies and offers a range of high and low frequency probes to facilitate clinical sonography. The systems are easy to use and maintain and I’ve always had good post-sales support from Esaote.”

Picture: Dr Muhammad Khurshid with the MyLab 9 eXP.

Published on page 24 of the June 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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