Relaxing images help patients respond to treatment

CT clinical specialist Barry Callinan, consultant radiologist Dr Orla Buckley, TOSHMedical md Matt Corcoran, Toshiba applications specialist Cees Verlooij, consultant radiologist Dr Pradeep Govender, consultant radiologist Professor William Torreggiani and Toshiba applications specialist Rosemarijn Van Beurden.

Adelaide and Meath Hospital in Dublin has acquired Ireland’s first 160-slice CT system, a Toshiba Aquilion Prime.   It is expected to keep the hospital’s CT capabilities at the leading edge for many years to come.

Sky Factory’s Luminous SkyCeiling has been installed over the scanner to promote biophilic engagement, a relaxation response promoted by sensory contact with nature.  It is said to be very popular with patients.

Consultant radiologist Dr Orla Buckley said: “A typical MRI or CT scan can be a stressful experience for patients.  A relaxed patient is more receptive and more responsive to treatment.  Patients can often feel claustrophobic when undergoing this type of test, but the new scanner will reduce the need for some patients requiring sedation prior to scans.”

See this report on page 9 of the July 2013 issue of RAD Magazine.

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