Rosenfield to present user-friendly solutions that help radiologists and oncologists work efficiently

In its mission to enable improved workflow for better patient care in radiology and oncology, Rosenfield says it provides solutions to enable better care delivery with clinical support solutions; to enrich caregivers’ expertise through knowledge sharing; to improve reporting quality for better clinical outcomes; and to engage the patient in the care process.

Rosenfield iCode Suite is a portfolio of workflow automation solutions to fill the gaps in medical image management systems featuring:

        iCode TFS intended to help medical organisations arrange their teaching studies and materials using ACR classification standards to best utilise them for learning purposes.

        iCode REALM a vendor-neutral solution integrated into the PACS environment to manage and organise REALMs as per RCR guidelines.

        iCode Critical Results is a vendor neutral solution integrated into the PACS/ RIS/EHR environment to efficiently escalate critical results encountered during study reporting.

        iCode Peer Review is integrated in the PACS to assess and enhance radiology reporting quality.

        iCode MDT is a web-based solution that facilitates the organisation and execution of multidisciplinary team meetings.

        iCode ED Discrepancy is integrated into PACS/EMR environments to improve communication and workflow between radiologists and ER physicians.

        iCode Anonymizeris a tool to anonymise ultrasound burnt-in patient demographics with manual and automated modes.

Visit Rosenfield Health on stand A10.

Picture: Rosenfield’s iCode Suite is a portfolio of workflow automation solutions.

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