Royal Liverpool benefits from real-time support

Lead CT radiographer at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital Julie Houghton has used syngo Remote Assist to enhance liver imaging procedures and dual source CT energy protocols.

The Royal Liverpool University Hospital is receiving rapid, real-time support from Siemens Healthcare through its customer service support tool, syngo Remote Assist.  The hospital has called on the service to enhance its liver imaging procedures and dual source CT energy protocols.  It is also supporting the hospital’s CT systems including a Somatom Definition AS, Definition AS+ and Definition Flash that serve a wide variety of clinical uses from outpatient, cardiac and colonography cases to trauma, emergency intervention and brain perfusion imaging.

The remote assistance service enables real-time interaction between the Siemens clinical applications team and clinical staff at their workstation.  This allows for image quality and protocol optimisation, technical issue diagnosis and other rapid workflow enhancements to be performed without the need for a site visit.

See the full report on page 12 of the August 2013 issue of RAD Magazine.

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