Attitudes and perceptions of UK medical students towards artificial intelligence and radiology: a multicentre survey

Author(s): Dr Cherry Sit, Dr Rohit Srinivasan, Dr Ashik Amlani, Dr Keerthini Muthuswamy, Dr Aishah Azam, Dr Leonardo Monzon, Dr Daniel Stephen Poon

Hospital: Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 47, 555, 13-14


Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is growing exponentially in various different specialities in medicine, and particularly so its application within radiology. Most notable recent radiology AI projects include the ability for AI to classify chest radiographs based on abnormality for triage and the development of deep learning algorithms to interpret head CT scans. Although routine use of AI algorithms remains theoretical, validated use-cases for AI tools in radiology will likely rapidly emerge.

In our study, we aimed to understand UK medical students’ views on AI and to explore whether AI influences their career intentions with specific regard to radiology. We also collated information on medical students’ understanding of AI and assessed their level of confidence on working with AI in the future.

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