Generic implant safety procedures for assessing patients with implants prior to MRI scanning: results from a UK-wide survey

Author(s): John McLean, Sarah Prescott, Jonathan Ashmore

Hospital: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde; University Hospitals of North Midlands; NHS Highland

Reference: RAD Magazine, 49, 580, 12-13


While MRI is generally very safe, undergoing an MRI scan can present multiple risks to patients with certain implants. Given that between a quarter and a third of patients who present for their MRI scan will have an implant, assessing patient suitability for MRI and managing this risk can pose a significant challenge.

Ideally the presence of any patient implant should be highlighted at the point of MRI referral, allowing sufficient time for the MRI safety of each implant to be checked. For this to happen, accurate implant information would need to be easily and quickly identified from the patient health record or from the patient themselves to allow the MRI safety labelling and MRI conditions to be established from the implant manufacturer.

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