Making a successful transition into practice for sonographers

Author(s): Alison McGuinness

Hospital: Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 48, 570, 20


For several years, it has been well documented that there has been a shortage in the number of sonographers in the UK. This means that most trainee sonographers qualify and go straight into the role of advanced practitioner (AP) that was previously held by a very experienced sonographer. The recognised definition of an AP is an experienced practitioner who practices with a high degree of autonomy and complex decision making, underpinned by a master’s level award that encompasses the four pillars of clinical practice, leadership and management, education and research. This author would argue that this cannot be said of all newly qualified sonographers at the start of their career. This means that some newly qualified sonographers transition very quickly from trainee to advanced practitioners and are often left unsupported, sometimes working single-handedly with a heavy workload and increased responsibilities.

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