MRI patient mask wearing as part of infection control measures in neuroimaging: a potential solution to non-mask-wearing patients within radio frequency head coils

Author(s): Peter Hobden

Hospital: CUBRIC, Cardiff University

Reference: RAD Magazine, 46, 544, 24


Since the emergence of COVID-19, human MRI has encountered significant challenges in hygiene management. There is always a requirement for some essential patient proximity by MRI radiographers while setting-up and positioning them for MRI scanning. There may also be other MRI personnel present who are required to carry out essential care and observations during MRI procedures, such as anaesthetists and nursing staff. These essential MRI personnel are often required to work within one metre or less of their MRI patients. In addition, the potential for MRI patients to contaminate complex MRI equipment during scanning creates a hygiene hazard to subsequent patients and MRI personnel if comprehensive and time-consuming cleaning procedures are not carried out between scans.

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