Musculoskeletal stress injuries in athletes: a pictorial review

Author(s): Dr Adam Mitchell, Dr Maria Javed, Dr Justin Lee, Dr Philip O'Connor, Dr Sarath Bethapudi

Hospital: Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Imperial College London, The Princess Grace Hospital, Chapel Allerton Hospital, Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 42, 496, 11-13


In today’s world, professional athletics increasingly involves long hours of training with repetitive stressful movements of the musculoskeletal system, putting increasing levels of strain on the bones and their support apparatus and resulting in sports specific stress injuries. The prognosis of these injuries relies significantly on early recognition and appropriate management of athletes. The aim of this article is to familiarise radiologists and clinicians with the types of stress injuries and common site-specific radiological presentation of these injuries along with comparison of imaging modalities.

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