Sonographer-led contrast-enhanced ultrasound services

Author(s): Pamela Parker

Hospital: Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 47, 549, 11-12


It is widely understood that sonographer-led ultrasound services in the UK are well established and essential to meet demand. Indeed, sonographer role extension has been an underpinning part of the expansion of radiology services for over three decades and is widely supported by radiologists and referring clinicians alike. Undertaking contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) imaging requires a greater understanding of the physiology of organs and disease processes and is a natural role extension to a sonographer undertaking general medical examinations. There is clear evidence that sonographers are adept and capable of undertaking these complex examinations. However, to make a real success of a CEUS service, the aim should be for it to be sonographer delivered and radiology led. It is essential to have the support and integration for CEUS within radiology imaging pathways to ensure the patient receives the right investigation at the right time in their pathway. CEUS does present a safe, effective, often timely problem-solving tool. The use of CEUS in adults is well established in the liver and, latterly, non-hepatic indications.

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