The EC-BSSD – where are we now?

Author(s): Dr Nadia Mahmood, Professor David C Howlett

Hospital: Eastbourne District General Hospital

Reference: RAD Magazine, 47, 556, 13-14


The European Council Basic Safety and Standards Directive (EC-BSSD) 2013/59/Euratom lays out basic safety standards for radiation protection in radiology departments across EU member states. This was adopted by the European Council for transposition into national member state legislation by early 2018. The main objective of this directive is to protect both the public and workers against the dangers that arise from exposure to ionising radiation (including from radioactive substances) and to improve patient safety outcomes. It emphasises the core principles of radiation protection including justification, optimisation and dose limitation for the various types of exposure. This directive was revised in 2013 following four years of collaborative work by various European committees and in light of new scientific evidence and guidelines.

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