The quality of practical ultrasound training for first year radiology trainees

Author(s): Dr Nicolas Ellerby, Samantha Mcneill, Dr Sumita Chawla, Dr Jolanta Webb

Hospital: North West School of Radiology, Aintree University Hospital

Reference: RAD Magazine, 46, 536, 28


Embarking on a career in radiology produces many challenges, particularly in the first year. One of these challenges is learning ultrasound. At the time of writing the latest (2016) edition of Specialty Training Curriculum for Clinical Radiology issued by The Faculty of Clinical Radiology, The Royal College of Radiologists sets out the framework for knowledge, skills and behaviour. The curriculum stipulates trainees undergo a minimum of 12 workplace-based assessments per year covering skills across the whole curriculum, equally split between radiology direct observation of procedural skills (Rad-DOPS) and mini imaging interpretation exercise (Mini-IPX). Ultrasound skills lend themselves to being assessed as Rad-DOPS. The current RCR curriculum is under review at the time of writing and imminent changes are expected.

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