The role of radiographers in vascular access assessment and intervention

Author(s): Nick Brewin

Hospital: University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine online


Vascular access is currently managed by various specialities, however advanced practice radiography has allowed radiographers to assume roles in the insertion, maintenance and assessment of vascular access devices (VADs). Historically radiographers have inserted VADs in interventional radiology (IR) but are often not involved in the assessment and maintenance aspects of VAD care. The introduction to the UK of ECG guidance systems such as the Sherlock 3CG TPS system (Bard Access Systems) and the Arrow VPS Rhythm (Teleflex) has seen the insertion of these devices move out of the radiology department and into procedure rooms and ward environments. Radiographers however have important knowledge and skills suited to vascular access, so improving the communication link between radiographers and other disciplines is key in order to improve patient care and demonstrate their wide range of knowledge, experience and flexibility.

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