The role of the AI research radiographer

Author(s): Robby Emsley, Sharon Vit, Ana Ribeiro, Professor Dow-Mu Koh, Professor Christina Messiou

Hospital: Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 49, 579, 21


Radiography is a profession that blends patient-facing care with advanced technologies to produce diagnostic images, requiring practitioners to operate with a diverse range of skills to provide the best patient experience and outcomes. It has traditionally been a profession that moves with the times and one that is an early and willing adopter of new and emerging technologies. The next innovations for radiology departments are likely to be due to the rise of AI.

The advent of AI in radiology and healthcare has been on the horizon for a few years, creating both an optimistic view that it will be the saviour of budgets and waiting times, and the opposing view that it will replace all our jobs. However, by actively engaging with the application and development of AI we can help to shape the trajectory.

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