Ultrasound features in inflammatory arthritis

Author(s): Kate Smith, Borsha Sarker, Dr Richard Wakefield

Hospital: Leeds Biomedical Research Centre, Chapel Allerton Hospital and Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases, University of Leeds

Reference: RAD Magazine, 44, 522, 18-20


If you thought rheumatologists only treated rheumatoid arthritis then you would be wrong. There are many different types of arthritis diagnosed and managed by the rheumatology department and ultrasound can play an important part within the patient management pathway of many of them, not only with respect to diagnosis but also the monitoring of treatment response and the guidance of interventions such as joint aspirations and injections. In particular, the use of ultrasound has been focused on the inflammatory arthritides as these are associated with a poorer structural and functional outcome.

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