Ultrasound features of breast lesions

Author(s): Dr Rumana Rahim, Dr Shalini Wijesuriya, Dr Keshthra Satchitananda

Hospital: King's College Hospital

Reference: RAD Magazine, 46, 540, 14-15


The use of ultrasound in the assessment of the breast is well established practice. Clinical assessments occur in two main categories, symptomatic and screening patients. Those who present with symptoms are referred to a one-stop breast clinic, often by their GP. In this setting referred patients undergo triple assessment with clinical history and breast examination followed by imaging and any required biopsy. The second category are women from the NHS Breast Screening Programme, which screens the eligible population every three years with bilateral mammograms. Women with a mammographic abnormality are recalled to a radiology-led assessment clinic to undergo breast examination, further mammographic views, ultrasound and biopsy as required.

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