Seven rooms installed in four months

Assistant practitioner Kajal Thakrar, radiology department assistant Harjeet Kajall and senior 1 plain film radiographer Angela Langton with Asteral’s Marianne Phillips by a Philips Multi Diagnost Eleva FD


Managed equipment services company Asteral has completed the installation of seven new x-ray rooms at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust in just four months.


In an unusual move, all of the rooms feature equipment from a single provider.  Philips has supplied a range of digital, analogue and interventional technology. Asteral’s general manager at Leicester Darren Woolley explained: “We don’t have any obligations to provide a whole suite of equipment from a single provider.  However, as we worked with UHL it became clear that Philips was the right choice.”


Leicester Royal has a Multi Diagnost Eleva FD, a Digital Diagnost TH and a Digital Diagnost VM with TH table as well as three Bucky Diagnost CS4s.  A further interventional x-ray room has been installed at the Glenfield Hospital featuring a second Multi Diagnost Eleva FD.


See this report on page 9 of the December 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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