The first Calypso arrives in the UK

Pictured following the handover of a Calypso patient movement tracking system to the Radiotherapy Group at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and The Institute of Cancer Research in Sutton, Surrey, are (from left) Vertec sales specialist Nikki Mara, clinical oncologists Professor David Dearnaley and Dr Gerard McVey, physicist Dr Philip Evans, research radiographer Helen McNair and physicists Dr Anthony Kavanagh and Dr Westley Ingram.


This installation of Calypso is the first in UK. The system uses a transmitter-centred feedback circuit to advise when the target is out of alignment with the treatment beam so that corrective action can be taken.


Explained Dr Evans: “The Calypso system uses implanted transponders to measure set-up accuracy during radiotherapy, so there is zero radiation dose and set-up accuracy can be measured continuously and more rapidly.”


See the full report on page 9 of the June 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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