The London Clinic’s rapid diagnostics centre offers same-day appointments

The London Clinic private hospital has opened a new rapid diagnostics centre in Harley Street. The centre will focus on urology, gynaecology, breast and dermatology, as well as support a focus on early diagnosis, particularly in cancer. Patients will be able to book in and be seen within 24-48 hours.

With its own pathology laboratory on site, The London Clinic can conduct and review tests and scans and get results reported directly to the doctor or consultant within 72 hours of testing. When required, the centre will offer same-day rapid access to radiological or endoscopic procedures and minor surgeries to visualise tissue and take biopsies. Once a treatment plan is in place, patients will be offered personalised support that could include therapy-based treatments.

Picture: The centre will support a focus on early diagnosis, particularly in cancer.

See the full report on page 10 of the April 2024 issue of RAD Magazine.

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