Ultrasound rental offers a flexible solution to equipment needs

GE Healthcare has launched its ultrasound rental service in the UK and Ireland. Pictured are general manager ultrasound UK&I Roy Tappin and MVS technical account manager David Dobbs.

The service will offer a wide range of systems and probes and is designed for use in a variety of ways, for example where a potential user new to a modality wants to try a system without any investment risk; or when a department is overwhelmed with patients and needs extra help; or if capital budgets are tight but the need is urgent; or to prove the need for a purchase.

GE Healthcare intends to provide a fast service, with next day delivery for the majority of the range. Dobbs said: “GE recognises that healthcare is an urgent business where time is precious. We aim to respond quickly with very attractive prices and flexible terms, and will provide exactly what the user needs in the way of systems and accessories such as probes.”

See the full story on page 10 of the November 2014 issue of RAD Magazine.

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