1,000 patients at Hull

Pictured at the The Kingston Upon Hull Centre for Magnetic Resonance Investigations with scientific director Professor Lindsay Turnbull (seated, centre) at a recent event to mark the 1,000th patient are (from left) team members Dr Peter Gibbs, Dr Martin Lowry, Julie Pounder, Victor Lazar, Dr Martin Pickles, Dr David Manton, Andrea Randerson and Sally Hunter with GE Healthcare MR specialist Tim Jones and field engineer Simon Cooper.



The GE Healthcare 3T MR750 system was installed last December and began imaging patients in January.  In May the scanner carried out its 1,000th examination.  Investigations include breast, gynaecological and prostate cancers, studies of different neurological conditions, including functional imaging of tumours as well as orthopaedic, cardiac and vascular studies.


See the full report on page 27 of the July 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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