Fully managed cloud from 3verest enables health professionals to focus on care

3verest is committed to providing its healthcare customers and industry partners with a fully managed cloud infrastructure platform. The company takes care of the servers, maintenance, security, and apps within its infinitely scalable cloud, allowing healthcare teams to focus on what really matters:

  • Patient care: our services allow healthcare professionals to focus on delivering the highest quality of patient care by removing the burden of infrastructure management from their responsibilities.
  • Secure and dependable services: we provide a highly available and secure cloud infrastructure to ensure healthcare services can be delivered without interruption.
  • Operational excellence: with our fully managed cloud platform, healthcare organisations achieve operational excellence by using our services to optimise their workflows.
  • Technological innovation: our platform enables healthcare organisations to leverage the latest technologies to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes.

The company says “Our platform is ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited and is connected to the NHS HSCN.”

Visit 3verest on stand A0.

Picture: 3verest powers many of the largest PACS, RIS and AI providers around the world.

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