Addition of image stitching meets the needs of BMI Blackheath clinicians

The rollout of Fujifilm Visionary Suite room solutions to BMI Healthcare hospitals across the UK continues with BMI Blackheath Hospital in London.  As part of a three-year contract Fujifilm will be supplying all BMI Healthcare’s DR requirements for rooms, mobiles and retrofits.

The radiology department has undergone a complete re-design and renovation including new MRI, CT and digital x-ray equipment.  One of the main objectives was to add the ability to use image stitching and in so doing transform the service that the hospital can offer patients and consultants.

“We needed an excellent and quick solution for DR stitching,” said deputy imaging manager Stephanie Harris.  “The specification for the new Visionary Suite room matches the service we provide our patients and aligns with objectives for significant dose reductions with the new room.  Our clinicians should see a significant improvement in image quality and the ability to do image stitching is a priority for them.”

One feature that the team relies on is the Memory Mode on the D-Evo II detector. This stores up to 100 images on the detector, which enables it to be used outside of the Visionary Suite room with another x-ray source. Images are then retrieved when the detector is returned to the console in the Visionary Suite.

Clinical services manager Rebecca King added: “The training and support we’ve had during the installation and since the equipment went live have been excellent, and our applications specialist is always available when we need some support.”

Picture: Fujifilm senior account manager Iain Sims, senior radiographer Tom Haagensen, deputy imaging manager Stephanie Harris (lying down), senior radiographer Rui Costa, clinical services manager Rebecca King and senior radiographer Irina Georgieva.

Published on page 15 of the May 2019 issue of RAD Magazine.

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