AECC University College launches Mammography Practice unit into MSc Breast Imaging Course

AECC University College is pleased to have launched a Mammography Practice unit into the MSc Breast Imaging course which is open for applications and due to begin in September 2024.

AECC University College (AECC UC), located in Bournemouth, is a specialist health sciences university offering a wide array of courses within healthcare.

The new Mammography in Practice unit has been designed by breast screening practice educator Rosie Attwell from the Dorset Breast Screening Unit, and course leader, Megan Hawthorn to respond to the needs of the NHS workforce, as well as training and educational gaps in the south-west region.

Megan says: “Mammography is a fantastic profession, and we are so excited to be offering this unit within the south of England to create accessible training opportunities and widen the mammography workforce.”

Pending CoR approval, the 40 credit Level 7 unit is designed for radiographers who want to specialise in mammography and begin their career into breast imaging. It will enable radiographers to work within the NHS Breast Screening Programme. Additionally, it has been designed to be highly relevant for radiographers working solely in symptomatic services.

Megan highlights: “Applicants to the Mammography in Practice unit need to have a placement site arranged before applying to study with us. This will usually be the site where they are employed, as students on the course will study with us part-time.”

Rosie adds: “Students will also visit the Dorset Breast Screening Unit for a university organised placement week. During which, students will gain one-to-one hands-on training in practical mammography skills to support their academic learning and clinical experiences. Students will also see a broad range of breast interventions and visit multidisciplinary departments to gain an overview of the breast care pathway they will be part of in practice.”

Megan explains: “Mammography is often the first speciality radiographers learn in breast imaging, starting their journey into other areas of breast health; to include interventional practice, mammography image reading, breast ultrasound and clinical examination. This route in radiography creates opportunities for radiographers to progress in enhanced, advanced and consultant radiography roles within breast.”

Rosie has designed the unit to develop skilled and compassionate mammographers whilst also preparing them for these future roles, ensuring departments are ready to fill skill gaps and combat workload pressures.

The breast imaging course at AECC UC also offers other clinical units to complete a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma, or to be taken as stand-alone units with the opportunity to complete the MSc:

  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Imaging Guided Breast Intervention
  • Mammography Image Reading and Reporting
  • Clinical Breast Assessment and Communication.

Other theory units are also available to take at any stage of the course to demonstrate aspects of the four pillars of advanced practice to include Professional Development, Leadership and Interprofessional Working and Evidence Based Practice.

AECC UC also offers a postgraduate MSc in Medical Ultrasound. This course will give you an understanding of the science and instrumentation of ultrasound with a wide array of specific applications to include MSK, obstetrics, gynaecology and abdominal ultrasound. The course allows you to build units around your selected specialism and clinical needs at your workplace and consists of three progressive levels, with an exit qualification at the end of each.

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