Agfa shares technologies that help radiologists achieve diagnostic quality image first time

Agfa will be sharing its products to enable fewer retakes resulting in lower radiation exposure for patients and a smoother workflow for radiographers. These are designed to help radiologists get the quality images they need more quickly, so they can help more patients get fast, accurate diagnoses

Musica: gold standard image processing

Musica image processing automatically analyses the characteristics of each raw image and optimises the processing parameters, independent of body part or dose deviation. “It enhances noise suppression, offers brightness control, reduces veiling glare and plays a significant role in enabling potential dose reduction,” says Agfa. “The result is excellent image quality, representing bone and soft issue in a balanced way.”

SmartXR: the intelligent radiography workflow assistant

The SmartXR portfolio offers digital radiography tools for dose, alignment, patient positioning, image rotation and more. These provide the radiographer with predictive workflow assistance that helps improve operational performance in image acquisition. SmartXR products combine software and sensors to assist radiographers during an examination to make the first image right, and to bring extra clinical information to the radiologist

ScanXR: early notification of pathologies

By identifying suspicious critical pathologies, CriticalScan ensures that images with key diagnostic information can be immediately marked as high priority at the point of care.

Visit Agfa at ECR on stand 211 in hall 2.

Picture: Agfa will present its digital radiography tools at ECR.

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