Barco diagnostic displays transform viewing experience at WWL Teaching Hospitals

After 12 years of intensive use of Barco’s diagnostic displays, the radiology department of Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (WWL) decided to upgrade its display fleet to take advantage of the most recent technology improvements. WWL again opted for the trusted Barco quality and for a totally new reading experience with Barco’s 12MP diagnostic display.

WWL is a high performing trust, providing a wide range of patient centred, high quality community and acute health and care services to the people of the Wigan Borough and its surrounding area. WWL provides healthcare to a local population of 326,000, as well as specialist services to a much wider regional, national and international catchment area. The WWL radiology department has relied on Barco technology for over 12 years, helping to ensure patients receive high quality care and staff continue to benefit from the quality and robustness of Barco’s displays.

Wrightinton Wigan and Leigh reading room

Combining PACS and mammography

Tom Leyland, PACS manager at WWL, said: “The durability of Barco’s displays is definitely one reason why we have chosen Barco again.

“We were also impressed with the new Coronis Uniti 12MP, a diagnostic display no other supplier could offer within our required delivery schedule.

“Barco’s 12MP has enabled us to transform and expand our breast reporting service and offer more flexibility in the use of our radiology workstations.

“In total, the trust ordered 37 Coronis Fusion 6MP displays and eight Coronis Uniti 12MP displays. WWL also opted for Barco’s 24″ Eonis displays to offer radiologists a better reading experience from their home office.

“The installation of the first batch of displays – 28 Coronis Fusion and eight Coronis Uniti – was a mammoth task, and extra challenging because it was in the middle of a pandemic.

“Thankfully, due to Barco’s on-time delivery and the efforts of our PACS team and engineers, we managed to complete all installations at four different sites in a single weekend.

“The new Barco displays have enabled us to further expand our capabilities; meaning we can now see more details both in greyscale and colour, and with Coronis Uniti, we can combine PACS and mammography applications on one display with a bigger surface.”

Barco solutions:

  • Coronis Uniti 12MP
  • Coronis Fusion 6MP
  • Eonis 24″ (MDRC-2324)
  • QAWeb Enterprise

Key benefits:

  • PACS and breast imaging on one display
  • High-quality grayscale and colour
  • Improved home reading experience 

Improved home reading experience

WWL can now offer more radiologists, registrars and reporting radiographers the benefits of a Barco display, and the hospital has also been able to roll out a comprehensive home working plan for radiology consultants, which has been invaluable to the team during the pandemic.
As well as the improved imaging performance in greyscale and colour, WWL has also valued the smart image enhancing features and clinical workflow tools of the Coronis Fusion and Coronis Uniti displays.

One of those features is SpotView which is included in both monitor types. SpotView allows radiologists to analyse smaller regions of interest in more detail and diagnose with more confidence. WWL also makes use of Barco’s QAWeb Enterprise quality assurance platform, which provides quick, easy and remote access to all connected monitors. QAWeb Enterprise allows WWL PACS administrators to set policies, view reports, calibrate displays and detect potential issues in time.

Speaking of the project, Tom continued: “The new displays have really transformed our reading experience for the better. Both myself and my colleagues in the radiology department are so thankful for the support provided by the Barco team, which has been nothing short of outstanding.”

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