Business growth leads to promotion

During the pandemic there have been many changes in the medical equipment sector and most businesses have had to adapt. Diagnostic imaging equipment company Future Medical has had to quickly accommodate alterations to work patterns and restrictions in hospitals and clinics. However, this time has been spent making changes that were needed and planning improvements to keep staff and customers safe, ultimately keeping business moving as normally as possible.

Danielle Langson has been with Future Medical for almost four years working in sales and procurement. She was recently appointed UK procurement and sales manager to ensure that the growing business needs were achieved.

Langson explained: “This year has been a challenging one for all sectors of healthcare, trying to continue ‘business as normal’ while recognising huge changes in the way we work. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to manage the UK team at a time so critical to our growth. Ever since I started working in the medical industry, I have been in admiration of the people I meet daily, and the work they do. I have a passion for service and I am keen for that passion to extend throughout our whole UK operation and be apparent to all of our customers.

“I am looking forward to growing our client base further and working with our wider team to expand the range of services that we deliver.”

 Published on page 30 of the November 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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