CereTom for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Pictured at the handover of a CereTom portable neurological CT scanner supplied by Vertec Scientific to the paediatric intensive care unit at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital are CT lead radiographer Susan Crimmins, associate clinical head and consultant paediatric intensivist Peter-Marc Fortune, Vertec product specialist Keith Lakin and superintendent radiographer Ken Hindle.

Dr Fortune said: “The CereTom fulfils two unique roles in the critical care arena.  For the majority of cases it enables head CT scans to be performed without the need for patients to be moved from their bed or indeed their bed-space.  This represents a major step forward in patient safety as it eliminates all the risks associated with moving critical care patients between clinical areas and minimises the interruption of definitive ICU care delivery.  The CereTom comes into its own by providing additional diagnostic information that was previously unavailable for those patients who could not be moved to a traditional CT suite.”

See the full report on page 17 of the June 2013 issue of RAD Magazine.

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