Cloud solutions offer connectivity for the changing healthcare landscape

As NHS trusts and health boards begin to establish new diagnostics models where more facilities are created in locations away from main hospital sites, secure and fast connectivity will be key to realising the vision of bringing healthcare into the community. Funding for NHS England to support recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has been announced, including for digital collaboration and improvements in IT infrastructure to tackle the diagnostic backlog.

To support these changes in the healthcare landscape the Fujifilm Cloud Solutions system offers a complete service that enables imaging networks to share information and provides a connectivity hub to link hospital networks with remote services. It connects healthcare professionals in locations such as surgeries, care homes, ambulances and prisons, allowing them to share data from imaging modalities and non-DICOM data such as clinical chemistry, ECG results and phlebotomy.

Fujifilm Cloud Solutions
The Fujifilm Cloud Solutions platform provides a connectivity hub to link hospital networks with remote imaging and clinical services.

Fujifilm’s Cloud Team is led by medical cloud and collaboration manager Matt Otto, who developed and implemented the Fujifilm Cloud Solution system. “By offering true vendor neutrality, our solution can be easily integrated into existing customers’ healthcare systems including PACS and RIS,” commented Otto. “This is vitally important to allow healthcare enterprises to deliver change quickly, without major upheaval, to existing networks and with minimal resources required from local hospital IT teams.”

The solution was tested extensively in a clinical trial with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and North East Ambulance Service early last year. The trial involved offering imaging in the community at care homes, GP surgeries and with the ambulance service using the FDR Xair portable x-ray unit.

One of the main objectives of the trial was to ensure IT integration via a cloud-based solution to allow patient booking, import of worklist, review of previous studies and integration of the report into the trust’s RIS and PACS. The Fujifilm Cloud Solutions system achieved this and also provided the ability to send studies to selected AI algorithms with results returned to the remote imaging device and to PACS.

Published on page 10 of the March 2022 issue of RAD Magazine.

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