Hulbert Imaging supplies Carestream Dental CBCT systems

In the Carestream Dental CS 9600 CBCT, there is now a truly viable alternative to traditional CT for many head and neck radiography requirements. With a 120kV generator, resolutions below 100u and assisted FOV targeting we bring you a highly efficient patient pathway and ‘precision for every decision’.

Beyond established implant planning, MaxFacs and oral surgery applications, we deliver exceptional facial-bone, sinus and ENT imaging and a perfect balance of resolution and contrast for ossicle and IAMs assessment.

“Our metal artefact reduction algorithm makes the CS 9600 a great solution for post-operative cochlear implant surgery and we are exploring improved accuracy and workflow for image-guided sinus surgery, through work with leading providers in this field,” states Hulbert Imaging.

Options include a 3D camera module, where the CS 9600 can render pictorial STL overlays for orthognathic planning and the system is approved for scaphoid imaging, paving the way to an improved patient pathway for fracture assessment, with volumes rendered at 75u.

As a long-standing independent specialist, Hulbert Imaging has grown an important presence in the medical sector where it now represents Carestream Dental’s principal route to market. “With our extensive experience and portfolio, we can offer a comprehensive response to tenders, where our team commits to cost-effective supply, service and support, beyond the common experience.

“We recognise our role as the ‘keepers of uptime’ and understand that maintaining our success in the medical sector demands a wider set of disciplines and commitments, where continuity of service is critical and diagnostic outcome is paramount.”

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