Enlitic emphasises importance of data standardisation

Enlitic is an information technology and services company that harnesses AI to manage medical imaging data. It adopts an AI-driven data management approach to establish standardised study and series descriptions for medical imaging data in radiology. This standardisation impacts various aspects of an enterprise, from optimising radiologist workflow and enhancing research data utilisation to streamlining workflow orchestration and implementing data monetisation strategies.

The company points out that data standardisation is a critical component of managing medical image data. The primary goal is to establish consistent terminology for describing medical information, enabling seamless collaboration among departments.

Achieving this involves defining standardised metadata attributes for each medical image, including acquisition parameters. The absence of standardisation has widespread consequences, Enlitic points out, impacting stakeholders in radiology and beyond. Imaging study descriptions can be auto generated or manually entered, leading to inconsistencies. Harmonising various imaging datasets across an enterprise poses a challenge, the company continues. “The lack of universal terminology exacerbates interoperability issues among data systems, facilities, and users. This problem is especially pronounced in PACS, where inconsistent descriptions create data routing problems, hanging protocol issues, necessitating manual intervention by staff.

“Non-standardised data also leads to workflow inefficiencies, as radiologists and staff spend time searching for patient data, manually inputting information to ensure data consistency.”

Standardised data enhances data quality, while non-standardised data may inadvertently contain sensitive patient information, posing data security and privacy risks. It may also hamper data analysis for research purposes and complicates the development of effective AI algorithms.

Addressing these challenges requires a commitment to data standardisation states Enlitic.

“Fortunately, tools exist that leverage AI to bring data standardisation to bear in radiology.”

Visit Enlitic on stand #4729, south hall.

Picture: AI can bring data standardisation to radiology data management.

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