Esaote celebrate the launch of two new shared service ultrasound platforms as well as the next generation Open MRI within the last year

Esaote is a leading producer of medical diagnostic systems including ultrasound, dedicated MRI and healthcare IT solutions.

The introduction of the powerful and innovative MyLab X9 ultrasound platform operates on a premium 64-bit X ULTRA platform with extraordinary data processing capability – guaranteeing high image quality using cutting-edge advanced technological solutions to explore new frontiers in ultrasound imaging. The MyLab X75 ultrasound system consistently provides high resolution, ensuring efficient and accurate diagnoses, with user experience enhanced by many clinical solutions including microvascularisation assessment and liver stiffness quantification.

The technological evolution in MRI of the last years has seen important developments particularly in data acquisition and elaboration resulting in a substantial improvement in image quality and reduction of scan times.  Today, the majority of MRI installations are about outcome-based services that not only address specific clinical needs, but also operational and financial demands.  This is the strength of Esaote’s Magnifico open MRI which incorporates latest MRI technology for uncompromised diagnostic quality, combined with a permanent magnet that guarantees low operating costs.

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