Esaote launches premium ultrasound platform and next generation full body open MRI

Esaote produces medical diagnostic systems including ultrasound and dedicated MRI. At UKIO, on its stand on Monday and Tuesday, a guest speaker will share their experience of why they chose the Magnifico Open MRI for a community diagnostic centre.

Monday, June 6 – 3.15pm and Tuesday, June 7 – 11.15am

General manager for imaging

“Why we our chose Esaote’s Magnifico Open for our CDC”: Patient choice, experience, and sustainability.

Esaote will also introduce the E-Series and A-Series next generation ultrasound systems. MyLab E80 is a high end ultrasound system said to offer unparalleled diagnostic confidence with a state-of-the-art, easy-to-clean control panel. MyLab A70 provides high quality imaging for advanced patient care while adapting to any clinical setting. Esatoe’s advanced ultrasound systems are designed for ease of use, with an intuitive interface and smooth workflow. The integrated AI-driven tools act as a co-pilot during daily routine, helping users focus on their patients.

Esaote says it was the first company to develop cost-effective MRI systems specifically dedicated to the musculoskeletal system and extremities, delivering high quality images while ensuring flexibility and taking into account patient comfort.

“Esaote MRI systems’ low break-even is fully in line with the economic constraints of today’s healthcare environment, which makes them optimal and sustainable investments,” the company says. “Magnifico is the right system for claustrophobic patients. The open magnet simply makes it a comfortable MRI experience for all patients, in particular children.”

“Visit stand B17/B20 where our guest speaker shares their experience and why they chose Esaote’s open MRI.”

Picture: MyLab A70 provides imaging for advanced patient care while adapting to any clinical setting.   

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