Europe’s first Aquilion Premium

With the latest scanner are advanced radiography practitioners Christine Gosling and Neil Howard, Toshiba account executive Carl McMullen, radiography department assistant Sue Mcgarvey, deputy cross sectional imaging manager CT Karen Lloyd, advanced radiography practitioner Lisa Hobson and Toshiba MRI applications specialist Mark Condron.


Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is the first site in Europe to get Toshiba’s new 320-slice per rotation CT scanner, the Aquilion Premium.  Two systems have been installed, enabling the trust to expand its services.


The Aquilion Premium generates 320 slices per 80mm in a single rotation using the ConeXact reconstruction algorithm.  It provides an easy upgrade path to 320-detector rows, with 160mm coverage and 640 slices per rotation, the same as the Aquilion One.


Karen Irwin, cross sectional imaging manager, Aintree University Hospitals, commented: “We are extremely happy with our two CT scanners.  They have a very user-friendly interface, producing high resolution images with reduced scan and processing times, facilitating exceptionally-advanced applications.”


See the full report on page 36 of the November 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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