Enhanced security and delivery of managed cloud for healthcare in North America

As well as reinforcing its UK base, 3verest is expanding its managed cloud services across the USA and North America. Its cloud platform is helping healthcare providers to reduce IT burdens in order to focus on patient care.

In the UK, 3verest’s established presence, highlighted by its integration with the NHS Health and Social Care Network, demonstrates its commitment to delivering secure and integrated healthcare services. “This local strength bolsters our international strategy, demonstrating a nuanced understanding of healthcare’s varied challenges and regulations,” 3verest says. The company’s recent SOC2 type 2 attestation reinforces its commitment to data security, a critical factor for earning trust in the data-sensitive healthcare sectors of the USA and North America. This, along with ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications, ensures data integrity and security confirming that expansion does not compromise the quality of its cloud services. 3verest delivers scalable and secure cloud services, adhering to the stringent security standards required by healthcare providers in these regions.

“Poised with strategic vision and robust compliance, 3verest is ready to address the evolving digital requirements of the healthcare industry across these influential markets,” the company concludes.

Visit 3verest on stand 6104, north hall.

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