Fujifilm supports project to advance digital technologies in the operating room

Fujifilm Healthcare Europe is partnering with the BOpA (Bloc Opératoire Augmenté – augmented operating room) Innovation Chair partnership to accelerate the development of digital technologies for surgery.

BOpA Innovation Chair is a partnership between Greater Paris University Hospitals – AP-HP, Institut Mines-Télécom and Université Paris-Saclay, France. The aim is to identify common problems in the operating room and develop digital technologies to support medical professionals in surgery. The partners are seeking to transform the way surgical procedures are learnt and analysed by modernising resources in theatre.

Fujifilm has agreed a four-year sponsorship to help fund this research. As a provider of ultrasound systems and software for surgeons, Fujifilm will participate in the project through the loan of materials and equipment to support the development of novel technologies to assist in surgery.

Co-founder of BOpA Innovation Chair and surgeon Professor Eric Vibert from Université Paris-Saclay said: “The BOpA Innovation Chair is exploring the future of the operating room, so it is no coincidence that Fujifilm is one of BOpA’s new sponsors. Between the digital twin and ultra high frequency ultrasound, we are going to discover what the future will be together.”

Fujifilm head of ultrasound Europe Laurent Rapon commented: “Creating new digital technologies to aid surgeons working in operating rooms will benefit healthcare systems and patients alike – improving the overall quality of care – and we are delighted to be supporting the BOpA Innovation Chair in this endeavour.”

Published on page 2 of the 2022 issue of RAD Magazine.

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