Fujifilm targets mid-size diagnostic centres with latest 1.5T MRI

Fujifilm Healthcare Europe presented a superconductive 1.5T MRI system with a new version of its automation suite at ECR 2022 Overture in March.

Echelon Smart Plus with Realise Plus features the SynergyDrive Automation Suite, which was designed to address bottlenecks in the MRI workflow, accelerating scanning and simplifying key processes to achieve quick and consistent results coupled withNhigh quality images. SoftSound technology enables quiet examinations, to improve the patient and user experience.

that increases productivity by up to 50 per cent compared to the previous version. It delivers image quality with free-breathing features, without compromising on patient motion challenges or scan time. The system is suited to mid-sized diagnostic centres, private practices and outpatient centres looking for an MRI that meets performance and service demands, with a fast return on investment. Iseni Sanità Group, a diagnostic, surgical and treatment institute in Varese, Italy, is the first facility to be equipped with the new Echelon Smart Plus MRI with Realise Plus. Its clinical specialists carry out around 20,000 MRI, CT, x-ray, bone densitometry,
mammography, ultrasound and endoscopy examinations a year. Fujifilm says the new system is proving to be an indispensable addition, offering efficient and reliable examinations with high clinical value.

Picture: SoftSound technology on the Echelon Smart Plus with Realise Plus enables very quiet examinations.

Published on page 16 of the May 2022 issue of RAD Magazine.

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