Fujifilm’s FDR Cross provides fluoroscopic and static imaging in a single platform

Fujifilm Europe has launched a hybrid C-arm and portable x-ray device. FDR Cross is designed to offer high quality fluoroscopic and static x-ray images during surgery and other medical procedures. It can capture fluoroscopic and radiographic images on a single platform, providing a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

The FDR Cross is powered by Fujifilm’s FDR D-Evo III digital flat panel detectors in three sizes. The panels are interchangeable and can be selected to meet the changing imaging requirements of a busy hospital. In fluoroscopy mode, the FDR Cross can capture fluoroscopic x-ray images for real-time visualisation, while radiography mode provides high quality static x-ray images before, during and after the procedure, normally only available with traditional mobile x-ray units. Users can quickly switch between images and imaging type on the same console screen.

The equipment’s light-weight, compact design allows it to be easily incorporated into busy operating rooms, while the addition of ‘omni’ wheels provides smooth control in all directions during examinations, making it easy to move around the hospital and between different rooms. The built-in, quick-charge lithium ion battery supports eight hours of continuous use between charges, while wireless connection to a foot switch and monitor cart means that the operating room is not cluttered with cables.

VP modality solutions, quality assurance and regulatory affairs medical systems division Eiji Ogawa said: “We are excited to be launching this new imaging solution in Europe. FDR Cross is entirely designed and made by Fujifilm and combines our high quality imaging technologies into one portable, flexible cart that can fit into any operating theatre to provide both fluoroscopic and static imaging in a single solution. Its user-friendly interface is also extremely easy to learn, so operators will quickly be able to benefit from the new equipment.”

Picture: Fujifilm’s FDR Cross features a compact design.

Published on page 10 of the September 2022 issue of RAD Magazine.

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