Harley Street Clinic is happy after marker trial

Pictured at The Harley Street Clinic following a trial of Beammark fiducial markers supplied by Vertec Scientific are radiotherapy pre-treatment superintendent Sarah O’Malley, radiotherapy team leader Sarah Peers, senior radiotherapist Todd Fairley, clinical oncologist Dr Heather Payne, Vertec product specialist Mike Holroyd and clinic marketing manager Malcolm McCoskery.

Beammark is a new fiducial marker developed by Beampoint for better MR visibility and improved CT/MR matching/fusion images of prostate tumour during planning, simulation, and treatment of prostate cancer. They are designed to be easily deployed using a special applicator guided by ultrasound.

Following the trial at the clinic, leading clinical oncologist Dr Heather Payne said: “I am happy with the results, especially the low level of artefacts on the CT planning scans.”

See this report on page 9 of the July 2012 issue of RAD Magazine.

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