Hermia brand-independent molecular imaging software enables departments to choose the camera they want

Hermia molecular imaging software from Hermes Medical Solutions is designed to give users the freedom to configure their nuclear medicine departments in the way they want. Hermia is said to be the only truly camera brand-independent, comprehensive, vendor-neutral solution for data management, processing and reporting of nuclear medicine, SPECT/CT, and PETCT. UK-based experts are on hand to help departments get the most from the software. Hermes, which focuses exclusively on molecular imaging software, says: “Hermia offers freedom to optimise your workflow; freedom to choose the best camera for your patient scans without being restricted by limitations of camera software; freedom to evolve and scale your department in step with your clinical needs; freedom to adapt to whatever the future throws at you through regular software updates; freedom to carry out the latest and best software processing on all your cameras, legacy and new, from any manufacturer; freedom to purchase in the way that best fits your financial situation; and freedom to maximise your department’s potential, now and in the future.”

Hermes Medical Solutions says it is the only company that focuses exclusively on molecular imaging software. “We don’t make anything else. With no competing distractions we are more dynamic, nimble, and customer-focused than any other when developing and expanding our well established Hermia software suite.

“Visit the Hermes Medical Solutions booth #28 at BNMS to find out how the latest MDR-approved Hermia products for NM, SPECT/CT and PETCT analysis, reconstruction and reporting can set your department free,” the company says.  “You can also take a sneak peek at what is coming next within Hermia at the BNMS Cutting Edge Research session on Tuesday, May 14, and at the BNMS IDUG MRT Workshop on Monday, May 13.”

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