HSL offers solutions designed to avoid extensive rebuilds

Supplier of integrated healthcare solutions specialising in cutting-edge medical imaging devices Hospital Services Limited (HSL) partners with NHS trusts across the UK to deliver solutions to improve imaging quality and streamline workflows while working within limitations of hospital architecture. Featuring a compact design that works with low ceiling heights, the Shimadzu RadSpeed Fit can be installed without the need for extensive building works.

The Shimadzu RadSpeed Fit offers good image quality and is equipped with a floating tabletop that can support up to 320kg, an x-ray tube that can be moved freely over a wide range for easy positioning and a removable grid to reduce patient exposure. “Additionally, with its high image quality due to the large output power and simple operability, the RadSpeed Fit offers a sense of ease and operational comfort for users,” says HSL. The system is equipped with a high power generator with a maximum tube current of 500mA (32kW type) or 630mA (56kW type). “This provides imaging quality comparable to high end models and ensures consistency of x-ray image diagnoses,” says HSL.

Picture: HSL can supply the Shimadzu RadSpeed Fit to NHS trusts.

See the full report on page 8 of the May 2024 issue of RAD Magazine.

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